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Dany Sanz

Dany Sanz

She has not only created an iconic brand in the makeup industry, but has also played a key role in innovating, educating and inspiring makeup professionals across the world.

Dany Sanz is a renowned French makeup artist, best known for founding the popular professional makeup brand MAKE UP FOR EVER in 1984. Her makeup expertise and commitment to product quality helped make MAKE UP FOR EVER an iconic brand in the beauty industry. Dany Sanz was also a pioneer in the development of highly pigmented, long-lasting makeup products, and she has often been praised for her innovative approach to makeup artistry.

Dany Sanz has a remarkable career in the world of makeup. She was born in France and initially studied fine arts in Paris, where she gained a deep understanding of art and creativity. This artistic training laid the foundation for her future career in makeup.

Her passion for art then led her to explore different forms of artistic expression, including painting, sculpture and makeup. Over time, she developed a particular interest in makeup, combining her artistic training with her love for aesthetics and transformation.

In 1984, Dany Sanz founded MAKE UP FOR EVER, a professional makeup brand renowned worldwide for its quality and innovation. She quickly gained a reputation for excellence in the makeup industry, thanks to her technical expertise, creativity and passion for the art of makeup.

Throughout her career, Dany Sanz has continued to push the boundaries of makeup, developing new techniques and products to meet the needs of makeup professionals and beauty enthusiasts. Her influence in the makeup industry is immense, and she is often praised for her pioneering role in the development of artistic and professional makeup.

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